Will Pressure Washing Remove Paint from Concrete?

A pressure washer utilizes high pressure of water to clean all surfaces, which makes it great for paint removal from concrete. A pressure washer has different pressure levels; a normal pressure washer is great for blasting away dirt, dust, and grease from different surfaces, including metal, wood, concrete, and plastic. However, high flow rates and pressure are required to get the job done perfectly for paint removal from concrete.

How to Remove Paint from Concrete with a Pressure Washer

You can purchase a pressure washer online or simply rent one out for use whenever it’s needed. Once you have your pressure washer with you, you need to start working on paint removal from concrete. Here are the steps you should follow:

1. Clean the Concrete Surface

While a pressure washer is sufficient for getting rid of any signs of dirt and dust on its own, when it comes to removing paint, it is best that you manually get rid of any dirt, debris, or dust from the concrete surface for effective paint removal. In case there’s any loose paint, scrape it off beforehand. Your pressure washer would strip off any residual paint.

paint on concrete

2. Use a Paint Stripper

Before you can start pressure washing concrete to remove paint, there is one important step that you must follow. Make sure that you apply a paint stripper to the surface of the concrete. A paint stripper will soften the layers of paint, and your pressure washer will be able to remove paint smoothly.

For water-based paints, you’ll need a water-based stripper, and for oil-based paints, an oil-based stripper will do the job. If you don’t know which type of paint is used, go for an oil-based stripper.

3. Pressure Wash Concrete

Now that your concrete is clean and you’ve applied a coat of paint stripper to it, it’s now time to use your pressure washer for paint removal from concrete.

For paint removal, a pressure of 3000 psi is needed, set that pressure and switch on your pressure washer. Your pressure washer will start blasting away the paint layers right away, but make sure that you’re using the correct nozzle.

Get Professional Paint Help

While you can use a pressure washer on your own, however, there are some safety concerns associated with its use. A high-pressure stream of water has enough force to cut open your skin; that’s why it’s better to get the job done by professionals. They know all the risks associated with pressure washers and have all the safety equipment with them. Moreover, they’ll do a better job of paint removal from concrete.

We recommend Snappy Pro Wash for all sorts of cleaning services, including pressure washing concrete for paint removal.

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