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If your roof is looking dark colored and needing cleaning it is not necessarily dirty…it is actually infested with living micro­organisms. Algae, moss, and all the other gross things that stains roof are decomposers. Decomposers are what God put on earth to break those fallen trees into soil so they do significantly lower the service life of your roofing system while taking away from your curb appeal. Lack of curb appeal can make your wife and/or homeowners association upset. The good news is you don’t have to blast them off with high pressure you can kill them using our SoftWash Systems™ method.

Softwashing was invented as a way to clean asphalt shingle roofs without disturbing the granules. Then the inventor realized you can clean other roofs, walls, sidewalks, and on the list goes using this cleaning technology. Snappy Pro Wash SoftWash Systems TM cleaning solutions is an eco-friendly cleaning solution which kills the living micro­organisms on your roof and leaves a inhibiting barrier to not only make your roof sanitized and much cleaner than pressure washing but also cleaner longer!

Barrel and Flat Tile Softwashing

Spanish tile roofs are beautiful and they are common here in the Southwest Florida region.

Many roof cleaners pressure wash tile roofs. We do not recommend it. We believe tile roofs were made for rain, not 3500 psi. We also feel pressure washing may cause leaks.

barrel tile roof softwashing

We treat tile roofs with a less than 60 psi application of our proprietary blend of surfactant, bleach, and water. This will kill the micro-organism causing the staining of your roof and will keep your barrel or flat tiles cleaner for a much longer time than pressure washing. This is why we offer a 5 year spot-free limited warranty with our roof cleanings.

Because walking on tile can break them we also recommend you go with licensed and insured company that knows what they are doing. Of course we hope that you will choose us! 

Metal Roof Cleaning with Softwashing

Metal roofs are a great choice for protecting your home and keeping it dry.  Metal roofs have great fire protection, are resistant to wind, and when properly maintained last a long time.   However they are not maintenance free.  Leaves which pile up on metal roofs can hold in moisture and cause premature rusting.  Mildew, mold, and algae can grow on them.  Dust and dirt can take away from the attractiveness of your home and the same oxidation stains which occur on gutters can stain your metal roof as well.

For proper maintenance of a metal roof it is a good recommendation to have your roofing contractor inspect your roof every 4 to 5 years. They should check the flashing to make sure the caulk is holding up and that it has not turned loose. An inspector should also insure that the screws are still holding tight and are not corroding because corroding screws can cause corrosion to grown on your roof as well.

metal roof cleaning

Washing metal roofs has its own unique challenges. For starters, a metal roof with cleaner on it makes for one dangerous slip-and-slide. For this reason, we do not advise homeowners to walk on their metal roof.

Asphalt Shingle Roof Cleaning

Asphalt shingles are the most widely used roofing material in Northern America. In addition they offer beauty in their textures and colors. Furthermore asphalt shingles are wind resistant, fire resistant, easily repairable, and beautiful.

A dirty asphalt shingle roof is not just dirty, it is infested. Infested with algae, bacteria, moss, and other decomposers. These things serve in nature to break down things and turn them into soil quicker (think of a fallen tree in the woods). A clean roof will last longer, look better, be cooler, save energy, and promote a healthier environment. A roof cleaning pays for itself and then some.

Softwash System

From our low noise, low pressure DC pumps, to our proprietary green 100% biodegradable surfactants, our SoftWash Systems method of cleaning asphalt roofs was specifically designed to be the longest lasting, safest cleaning method on the market. Be careful of who you let clean your roof! Some roofing manufacturers claim cleaning a roof in excess of 200 psi voids its warranty. Pressure washing asphalt shingles will ruin it (from granule loss). And when it comes to people who claim to offer a “softwashing” method not all systems are created equal. Our system has safely cleaned over 80,000 roofs!

When I cleaned in NC asphalt shingle roofs were all I cleaned most every day.  Don’t forget our roof cleanings come with a SoftWash Systems 5 Year spot-Free Limited Warranty.  

A Snappy Pro Wash Softwashing is the ideal way to clean your roof as per roofing manufacture’s recommended procedure, with a mixture of bleach, surfactant, and water. Go ahead, beautify your home’s appearance and insure that your properly maintained roof will last your for a long time. Call or text Snappy Pro Wash (239) 220-4778 and schedule a free quote for your roof cleaning in the Fort Myers area.

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