Paver Cleaning and Sealing

Stone & Brick Paver Cleaning

Often brick and stone is sold as a “maintenance free” solution to siding your home. This is not really the case. The mortar can turn dirty and often pressure washers have blown the mortar out in an effort to clean it. Also, a whitish calcium deposit can form called efflorescence.

Efflorescence comes from the leaching of calcium from the minerals of the concrete or stone. Efflorescence can be cleaned however the leaching will never stop so periodic cleaning or replacement is your only option. That’s where our paver cleaning and concrete services comes in.

3 Levels of Paver Cleaning and Sealing Services

Softwash Cleaning

The first and the most inexpensive is a softwash cleaning of the pavers. This will kill and remove the algae stains from the pavers. However, the sand in the joints will still be dark and may look dirty. Also this will not remove any plants in the joints which have grown between the pavers.

Power Washing

Next we can follow up with a power washing, and this will remove about 3⁄8 of an inch of sand from the joints and will remove plant growth as well. We will replace this sand with clean new sand to keep the joints stabilized. You now have a paver system that looks as clean as the day it was installed.

Seal NLock Sealing

Last we offer our Seal ­N­Lock sealing service. Before spraying any sealer we try to remove all oil and rust stains. This is done so we don’t seal in the oil or stains. Using our professional spraying equipment, we spray a flood coat which is mixed specifically for the purpose of running into your joints and hardening the sand in its place.

This hardening of the sand will significantly decrease the likelihood of erosion of the joint sand, ant hills, and plant growth from taking place in the joints. Next we will apply two applications of top coatings which is designed to protect and enhance the color and beauty of your pavers.


paver cleaning and sealing

In my mind, if you make it all the way to the second step, there is nothing to keep you from going ahead and having it sealed. It is well worth it and makes the pavers look significantly better.

Please be careful who you have seal your driveways and patios. Often people will seal without replacing the the sand. This just seals in the dirty joints. In addition, some people will spray inferior products which will cause a haze over time and then have to be stripped off.

Pool Decks & Patio Cleaning

Regardless of your pool surface area’s, whether concrete, cool decking, painted concrete, pavers, trex, painted or stained wood, we can professionaly clean your pool area for you!

patio deck cleaning

In the photo above, we cleaned the pool area with a softwash process, then surfaced cleaned with a pressure washer, rinsed, rust remediated, and sealed with an added gripping compound. Applying sealer with the gripping compound adds an extra glossy sheen to it, while protecting it and provides safety so people are not slipping when the concrete gets wet. Non-porous surfaces tend to get a bit slippery when wet, especially when sealed.

Driveway Cleaning

Dirt, algae, rust, and oil stains are all common problems when cleaning concrete. We utilize the best in cleaning technology, equipment, and cleaning products to ensure the cleanest driveways possible. Oil stains are the hardest to remove, and even with the best degreasers cannot be completely removed as they sink so deep into the concrete. 

driveway cleaning

Power Washing Sidewalks

Sidewalk power washing for commercial or residential really comes down to safety and appearance. Safety is most important because you don’t want anyone slipping on slimy concrete and getting hurt or having to deal with a law suit.

Our Softwash solution is sprayed on the concrete killing the algae microorganisms resulting in the sidewalk staying cleaner much longer than pressure washing alone.

We also like to power wash the curbs as it gives your whole space a much cleaner feeling. Gum removal comes standard with our commercial power washing. Not every pressure washer knows how to safely remove gum without permanently and irreversibly etching the concrete. We use the proper methods involving very hot water to perform gum removal safely.

concrete sidewalk power washing

Call, text (239) 220-4778 or Email Snappy Pro Wash if you are interested in having a safe and beautiful concrete walkway.

In addition, we offer concrete sealing if you are interested in this type of service. Sealed concrete will stay cleaner longer and stains such as oil or rust are more easily removed as they no longer penetrate as deeply into the pores of the concrete.

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