House Washing

Regularly we have gotten comments and reviews were people were planning on painting their homes after we finished cleaning to find that their home looks like new upon completion. When to paint or just house washing is a judgement for the homeowner to make but here are a few tips.

Are there any places where the paint is bubbling or flaking off? If so, you should plan on painting.

Are there any really bad algae spots orange in color especially? Algae is not good on paint. Often I run in to homes where the paint looks great except where the algae has grown thick.

house washing

Stucco / Dryvit Cleaning

Stucco, or cement plaster, is a popular choice here in Florida.  It is known for its beauty and is useful because of its ability to breathe while still providing water protection.  Stucco is a hard surface that is rot, rust, and fire resistant.

Because stucco is so porous, pressure washing stucco attacks algae and mold at the surface, but the roots remain and the stains return in no time, often thicker than before.  According to cement manufacturers, “Water under pressure can etch the surface and at higher pressures can even cut through hardened stucco” ( see link below).  We have all seen stucco houses where the mortar appears thin, most likely thinned and blown out by a do-it-yourselfer or an untrained professional with a pressure washer trying to remove the deep stains on the stucco.

Our softwashing approach treats these stucco stains caused by mold and algae as pests and achieves a 100% kill ratio, keeping your stucco cleaner much longer.  Also, since we use low pressure pumps to apply our biodegradable cleaners and only hose pressure to rinse, the eroding of your stucco is no longer an issue.

Bottom line is our Softwashing method (proprietary surfactant, a little bleach, and water) and a low pressure rinse will make your stucco look cleaner than ever without the worries of property damage.

Many stucco homes have rust stains from irrigation or from water running down metal surfaces above.  See our F9 Rust Stains Removal page to see how Snappy Pro Wash can eliminate this issue for you! Stucco Faq’s »

House Washing Your Vinyl Siding

There are thousands of people who pressure wash their own vinyl siding and maybe you are one of them. Of those thousands there are also many who make mistakes and permanently damage their home’s exterior so read this and may be you will save yourself some heartache down the road.

Common Mistakes  “Striping”

The most common mistakes I see on a regular basis is what I refer to as striping. Striping looks like Zoro armed with a pressure washer came to your house zig-zagging patterns all over your vinyl siding. It takes place for a number of reasons, perhaps you accidentally selected your stream tip thinking you had a fan tip in or may be you stood too closely. Another very common problem is when your home has oxidation. You disturb oxidation and your house dries looking a like a tie-dyed shirt.

To check for oxidation you should run your finger across the surface in multiple inconspicuous spots to see if chalky oxidation is present, it will most likely rear its ugly head on the south side of your home which gets the most sun. You cannot pressure wash oxidized vinyl siding, because the agitation/erosion forces will remove some of the oxidation and not others, causing your house to be glossy (where the oxidation is not) and dull (where the oxidation still exists) thus the tie-dyed appearance once it dries.

Call Snappy Pro Wash

For professional results you can have a professional pressure washing service clean your house. If you call Snappy Pro Wash we will not even use high pressure. We will use our SoftWash Systems proprietary low voltage DC pump to apply at 40-60 psi (less than water hose pressure) our special, biodegradable surfactant, bleach, and water to your home’s exterior. This will give you a gentle, maximum clean, lasting longer because it kills mildew and mold completely and leaves behind an inhibitor. For a professional, good as new clean, call or text Snappy Pro Wash (239) 220-4778 for our House Washing Services.

To see vinyl siding cleaning at it worse watch the video below, feel free skip along or fast forward to the end to see how we renovated this vacant bank owned house to prep it for the real estate market.



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