Snappy Pro Wash FAQ’s

Are You Licensed and Insured?

Yes we are licensed, insured, uniformed, and verified by a third party – Ask the Seal.

Will Your Roof Cleaning Process Kill or Damage My Plants?

We clean roofs according to the roofing manufactures recommended procedures: low pressure mixture of bleach and surfactant. Bleach will damage plants. We are certified in plant and property protection and take many steps to protect your landscaping investment. We know homeowners and property managers want their buildings looking new but without the stress of worrying about their plants so we take the worry for them.

Check out our Plant Protection Policy.

We heard that softwashing lasts longer than pressure washing, how long does softwashing last?

We can not give you a specific answer because there are so many variables. The truth be told, I have seen roofs cleaned by other pressure washers were the roof is already growing black stains in less than 6 months – we offer a 5 Year Spot-Free Limited Warranty. Houses pressure washed here in Florida can start accumulating signs of green in 3 months. Our softwash will leave your home looking great for a year, perhaps longer. We still suggest cleaning every year and offer deep discounts for repeat customers. This keeps your home looking great year round.

Ask The Seal
Snappy Pro Wash is a BBB Accredited Roof Cleaner in Estero, FL

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