Employment Opportunities

We at Snappy Pro Wash are glad you are exploring the idea of working with us. However before you download an application there are a few things we would like for you to know.  Whether it is our trucks, website, advertising materials, or our uniformed sales or cleaning team members, we strive to maintain a friendly, courteous, and clean atmosphere.


  • Cursing, perverse conversations, and bad attitudes are not tolerated while on the job.
  • Pass a full background check and drug test.
  • Legal US Status is mandantory
  • Must maintain a clean appearance.
  • Must be committed to being honest and telling the truth to your customers and to the other members of our company.

If you are interested in working in this kind of environment we would love to hear from you!

The employment opportunities we have are…

Lead tech

Lead technicians are over each job.  They make sure the jobs are handled in a courteous way.  The technician will note any pre-existing conditions on the home in a matter than insures our company is not blamed for any pre-existing damage.  In addition, they insure everything is done to high quality standards and may spray softwash or rinse.  Afterwards, they will walk around with the customer, collect payments, issue receipts.  Techs are responsible for insuring the ladders get strapped back on. Furthermore you need to make sure the truck is in a clean, organized, and safe condition.

Our Lead Technicians are paid a hourly base pay with a commission based pay upon their driving record and their certifications.

Assistant tech

Assistant technicians work closely with the lead tech.  Also the assistant will do quite a bit of manual labor- getting things off the truck putting things back where they go and may spray softwash or rinse.  In addition, Assistant techs work hard to make sure plants or property is not damaged.  Furthermore you will need to be able to drive with a clean driving record is a plus.

An Assistant Technician is paid a hourly base pay with a commission based upon their driving record and their certifications.

What do you need to do?

1. If you haven’t already please call (855)854-6898 to hear a brief description of our company and who we are looking for. 

2. Once you receive a phone call from us we may then ask you to download and fill out an application and send it with your resume to snappyprowash@gmail.com.  Please title the subject “Employment [YOUR NAME]”.    

3. Wait for a phone call. If we think you may be a good fit we will give you a phone call and set up a short phone interview. 

4. Our Snappy Pro Wash manager may ask you to come in for a in-person interview and give you a physical aptitude test.  The aptitude test is to insure that you are athletic enough to load and unload ladders, work the hoses, etc. 

5. Should you make the cut, we will then get you started watching our certification videos and passing the online certification test. In addition to possibly having you go with another crew or complete some hands-on training. 

6. Finally, you will learn our system of cleaning and you will get more and more confident, faster, and more profitable as time goes. 

PS. Snappy Pro Wash does require our team members sign a non-compete agreement. So if you have hopes of starting your own cleaning business, this should be discussed prior to employment. 

Need More Info About Employment Opportunities With Us?

Thank for your interest in employment opportunities with Snappy Pro Wash!

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Snappy Pro Wash is a BBB Accredited Roof Cleaner in Estero, FL

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