Storefront Cleaning

So it is stereotyping I know but it is also a fact of life…people judge things by their appearances. Regular storefront cleaning is imperative to the image your company projects to your customers.

What are people thinking when they see your place of business? A dirty roof, soiled awnings, smelling / rust ­stained dumpster, algae growing down the wall, sign covered with green mildew, and concrete walkways, curbs, and parking stops covered in gum, and oil stains? This does not give a good image of commitment to customer service and quality to potential customers. However, what will their impression be if your business has a clean roof, sparkling windows, clean walkways, and nice awnings.

If you would like a professional storefront cleaning service provider that is honest, and committed to quality and exceeding customer expectations, then contact us and give us a chance to win your business. We would love to help construct a maintenance plan that best fits your amount of traffic, specific needs, and budget.

Commercial Roof Cleaning

It’s a fact that commercial roof cleaning will make roofs last longer. Most manufacturing warranties on EPDM roofs require periodic (around every 2 years) cleaning. In addition, their is a significant difference in temperature  of a black roof as opposed to a white roof in the hot Florida weather. So much of a difference, we will actually take a picture of your roof using a thermal camera and contrast a clean section versus a dirty section so you can see the difference yourself. For this reason alone, the savings on the air conditioning bill should more than pay for the cost of cleaning the roof. Please note that though it is still best to clean rolled asphalt and other types of flat commercial roofs, white EPDM roofs will see the biggest difference in utility bills.

Call Snappy Pro Wash or text us to discuss your commercial roof cleaning needs or to arrange for a demo.

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Dumpster Cleaning

Dumpsters can be a stinky and ugly deterrent to potential customers. Spilled grease can become a slip hazard. A dirty grease pit or dumpster area can even become a health inspection concern. Call 239 220­4778 to have your dumpster area professionally sanitized, rid of smells, and rust.

Dumpster Cleaning


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