Rust Remediation

Though Rust Stains may derive from several sources, it mainly originates from metals or fertilizers that contain iron.  Most concrete rust does not travel more than 1/16″ deep into the concrete. Ask us about our rust remediation services.

Orange Battery Acidstains are common around golf cart parking areas or where cars are parked.  Though it looks like rust in appearance it is actually very different and can often travel the whole length of a driveway.  If your battery acid is white, unfortunately this can travel throughout the whole depth of your concrete. Furthermore, there is no cleaner known that can remove white battery acid stains.

Fertilizer Rust Stains develop on walkways and drives where the runoff travels over the concrete surface leaving a unsightly brown tint.

Calcium and Efflorescence is a white stain that develops on stone, brick, or concrete.  In most cases we can completely remove all the rust stains safely, leaving the surface looking great once again.

rust remediation

Rust Remediation Services

In conclusion, we can safely remove rust stains from: concrete, bricks, pavers, tile, stone, stucco, asphalt, vinyl, siding, shingles, rubber, sidewalks, and more!

Contact Snappy Pro Wash today and ask about our Rust Remediation Service.

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