“Everyone has a story” (The River by Michael Neale)

I was born and raised amongst the soy beans and corn fields of West Tennessee.  At 19 my sister and I drove her little honda into the back of a borrowed moving truck, towed my 74 VW Westfalia on a rented dolly, and literally rode 16 hours off to bible college while wearing the seat belts and listening to the radio in her little car (which of course had a dead battery upon arrival).  I had decided I wanted to be a children’s pastor.  It was there at Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL, I met my wife.  We served at several churches, had several kids, and adopted one sometimes annoying dog.

About Snappy Pro Wash

In late 2012 I decided to start an exterior cleaning business, I attended SoftWash Systems training in January of 2013 and began the long and expensive process of starting a business with the commitment to not borrow a dime.  I worked my regular job as a voice and data sub-contractor during the week and cleaned houses on the weekends.  I got the opportunity to serve with a great mentor friend who owned a pressure washing service – Precision Pro Wash so for a period of 3 months I drove a 184 mile commute to learn everything I could about the business.  My wife wanted to move back to be with her parents who still lived in Fort Myers, FL so we prayed about moving and felt it was right, prayed about the timing of the move and my landlord called to tell me his house, which wasn’t on the market and which no one had ever came by to look at, had gotten an offer which he had accepted and we had 60 days to move.

So now I am self employed and my kids have grandparents to spoil them while we all live in the sunny paradises of the world!

What do I want out of a pressure washing business?

I want a chance to show the servanthood and love of Christ to my family, customers, and team.  I want to accomplish financial goals such as paying off a house and adopting a girl.  I want to be the best at something.  I also want to help others through good works and giving.  I know that sounds like something off a Miss America Pageant but it is true 🙂

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Snappy Pro Wash is a BBB Accredited Roof Cleaner in Estero, FL

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