Commercial Power Washing Concrete

Sidewalk power washing whether commercial or residential really comes down to safety and appearance.  Safety is most important first because you don’t want anyone slipping on slimy concrete and getting hurt and secondly because you do not want to be sued.

Our Softwash solution is sprayed on the concrete killing the algae microorganisms and causing it to stay cleaner much longer than pressure washing alone.

We also like to power wash the curbs, it gives your whole space a much cleaner feeling.  Gum removal comes standard with our commercial power washing.  Not every pressure washer knows how to safely remove gum without permanently and irreversibly etching the concrete.  We use proper methods involving very hot water to perform this removal safely.

Call or text (239) 220-4778 if you are interested in having a safe and beautiful concrete walkway.

Also, we do offer concrete sealing if that is a service that you are interested in.  Sealed concrete will stay cleaner longer and certain stains such as oil or rust are more easily removed because they will no longer penetrate as deeply into the pores of the concrete.

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